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Any time Dionysos goes to visit his parents he makes sure to be really clingy and annoying and hang on Percy and invade his laboratory and sit in his chair and get really close and practically sit in his lap, same goes for Wheeljack— just to make extra sure that they never ever think about having another kid vwv

track name Jailhouse Rock
artist Elvis Presley
album Greatest Hits Disc 1
play count 364


Jailhouse Rock

"Number 47 said to Number 3…."


Perceptor in Dexter lab coat and gloves. He pulls it off pretty well. Though I’m gonna start drawing in pen because pencil is AWWFULLL

insecticon-halftooth replied to your post:Holy fucking shit,the guy living with my grandma…
keep a knife in your pocket. he ever puts his hands on you, slit his throat. say he has threatened you in the past and you feared for your life.

He’s given my grandma a black eye before and got into a huge fight with my aunt, but he hasn’t directly threatened me personally and I don’t really like to lie vnv even over such a creeper. If he does try anything with me though I can promise self defense cause that’s incentive enough. My aunt and mom and most of my family save for my gramma would have my back in that case Weh/// its just so hard to prove stalking when its not direct confrontation

Holy fucking shit,the guy living with my grandma is fucking creep. every time I’m over and I’m up late he starts fucking stalking me??? Getting up periodically to see if I’m asleep or not and being noisy so I know he’s up watching me and he tries to intimidate me into doing what he wants. He fucking brought it up this morning, “how’d you sleep well, for as little sleep as you got?” Oh my shit I would love nothing more than the wedge a sledge hammer into the temple of his skull. Fucking manipulative, abusive freak.

Deer’s human name would be Danya vwv

Necessary information for my Deer tag. Weird quirks of his

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